Are you sick of working long hours and chasing your tail trying to build your personal training business
Check out the short video below to find out how joining the Imani Trainers Tribe can help you step out in confidence and have the business you’ve always dreamed of.
Does Any Of This Sound Familiar? 🤔
You’re up at dawn and getting to bed late, training your clients before and after work.
In between, you’re hustling for new clients, because you know that sooner or later, the clients you have are going to drop off.
You’re close to burning out, but you don’t dare stop because there are so many other trainers out there snapping at your heels.
Your income is irregular — it’s often ‘feast’ or ‘famine’, but you don’t know how to put together a business plan that will help you develop a constant stream of income
Quite frankly, you’re feeling stuck and wondering if this is the career for you. You desperately want a business that will allow you to help others, without the stress and the hustle. You’d love to work ‘normal’ hours and still have time to do the things you love. But you’re not sure how to make that happen, or even if it’s possible in the personal training industry.

If you could have just one wish, it would be to have a successful and growing business, with a tribe of raving fans, and time to enjoy life along the way.
Well you can. You’re just one click away from revolutionising your personal training business. 👇👇
The Imani Trainers Tribe
The Imani Trainers Tribe has been developed to help personal trainers and fitness professionals who want to attract high-end clients and build a tribe of raving fans.
We will show you how to:
  •  Attract the right clients for your business
  •  Know who is right (and wrong) for your business
  •  Acquire high-end clients and KEEP them.
  •   Have a steady stream of prospects in your sales funnel.
  •  Stop undercharging for your services
  •  Automate your business and marketing systems, freeing up your time to focus on changing your clients’ lives.
  •  Determine which marketing strategy will give you the best return of investment
  • Complete your very own eye-grabbing transformation and story
  •  Get fantastic results for your clients
  •  Work less hours in your week
  •  Increase your annual income
  •  Stress less, knowing you have a stable income and a regular client base
  •  Build a raving tribe like the Imani Tribe
  • Develop a close-knit, supportive community of similar-minded people
  •  Develop the confidence and self-belief to develop a work/life balance.
  •  Get your time and freedom back to do the things you want
  •  Get your time and freedom back to do the things you want
  •  Chase goals and dreams you never thought you’d be able to achieve in business and in life.
The Imani method is a quick and easy new marketing method that allows you to attract high-ticket clients in under 48-hours (and that’s from NO list… NO branding… and NO prior relationship).

This is all about finally getting new high-ticket clients every day… and eliminating the effort… the frustration… and the low-ticket customers produced by traditional sales funnels.
Apply Now to learn how to revolutionise your business.
Extra-special gifts just for you
When you join today you will get these brand-new gifts! 
  •  Your very own members-only hoodie or tee completely FREE  😎
  •  A FREE workshop with a professional copywriter to develop your Unique Sales Proposition (USP), which will form the basis of all your marketing PLUS a personalised communication plan for your business😲
  •  One Float from Melbourne Float House- Kilsyth on us plus all future floats at a discounted Imani Fitness members rate. 🙌
PLUS, there will be heaps of other surprises throughout your program! 😍
Who is this for?
The Imani Trainers Tribe is for personal trainers and fitness professionals who want to attract high-end clients and build a tribe of raving fans. If you…
  •  Want to develop the confidence and focus to become the inspirational trainer you dream of being
  • Lack the confidence, self-belief and direction to scale your business
  •  Are new Trainer/ Transformation specialist who is scared to take the next step
  •  Have been a Trainer/ Transformation specialist for a while but can’t seem to get it right, and worry about what you’re doing wrong
  •  Are looking for support as you grow your business
  • Need an expert to be accountable to
…then the Trainers Tribe is for you.

It doesn’t matter what you know… if you don’t know how to build a tribe of raving fans, you’ll never have a successful business. 
You too could have raving fans like these👇
Are you ready to change your business and your life?
The Imani Trainers Tribe isn’t for everyone. We only want to work with people who are:
  •  Ready to commit to building a successful business
  •  Honest and coachable
  •  Willing to get out of their comfort zone to build a thriving tribe
  •  Willing to invest time, effort and money in getting results
  •  Ready to commit to the process
  •  Willing to do what it takes to be successful
  •  Able to acknowledge that there are still lessons to learn
  •  Willing to be accountable
We understand that this program isn’t for everyone, but if you tick the boxes above, we want to hear from you!
Want a re-cap before you apply?
Our program will:
  •  Get rid of the stress and angst you currently feel in your business
  •  Show you how to sign clients for 12 months or more
  •  Give you simple tested strategies that work
  •  Teach you how to invest in marketing and get a return on your investment
  •  Show you how to find clients organically with no advertising
  •  Teach you how to package your programs
  •  Increase your confidence
  •  Re-ignite the spark in your business
  •  Inspire you to work towards your goals
  •  Help you work smarter, not harder
  •  Show you how to acquire and retain the high-end clients you’ve been looking for
  •   Bring you more annual income
  •  Help you build a tribe of raving fans
  •  Free you up so you have time to do the things you love
  •  Create a rewarding career for yourself
  •  Help you change more people’s lives.
You Will Get:
  •  12 x 60 minute (once a month) one-on-one business coaching meetings (via Zoom
  •  3 business workshops and 1 celebration retreat (either interstate or overseas
  •  Ongoing support from your Imani Tribe coaches via email, Facebook community or Messenger
  •  Systems to implement your programs clearly and successful with your clients, so you make money
  •  Advice on how to sell, implement and resell your program so you’re making money
  •  Ongoing support and encouragement from your support team, to make sure you keep moving forward when life and business gets tough
So if you’re ready….REALLY ready to change the direction of your business, fill out your application form. 
The business you’ve been dreaming of is only a click away. 👇
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