Are You Sick & Tired Of Not Living Your Life To Your Full Potential Because Of Lack Of Self Confidence?
 Do You Want More Than Just A Good Body?
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Check Out The Incredible Life Changing Transformations Our Imani Tribe Members Are Achieving
Jo, Melbourne - 55 yrs old and feels 30
I used to think eating less and running more was healthy.
I now eat lots more food, train 4 times a week and my body has completely transformed where it never changed in the past. I have had a fatty liver my whole life and since starting with Imani Tribe I no longer have a fatty liver. I turned 55 this year and I feel like I am in my 30s. You choose your own limitations, choose wisely
Jess, Melbourne - Wore a size 8 for her 30th
I had spent 3 years trying different things to make me happy. This diet, that diet, i went back to play soccer thinking that would help. Anything i could think of to get this weight off, but nothing seemed to work and i would always end up back where i was, if not a little bit heavier than when i’d started.
And now, 12 months later, I can now do body weight chin ups, wore a size 8 for my 30th birthday, weighted push ups and my very first photo shoot. If there is one thing I am certain of going forward is I do not want to go backwards. My life has changed forever.
Michael, Melbourne - Now feels amazing and loves life
I was stuck in a rut and didn't think I had much to live for. I'd be doing the same thing over and over again every day without any purpose. My self confidence was practically zero and I always felt socially awkward. 

My life has completely changed, there is so much more to life and now I now feel amazing and love life. My tips for anyone wanting to get started is don't think just do. The more you do the easier it gets
What you'll experience:
Complete Resource for you to...
  •  Target troubled areas: Develop the know-how to targeting your troubled areas for fat loss
  •  Learn the real secrets behind fat loss so that you can lose it and keep it off forever
  • Confidence to live freely & experience more love & life.
MP Cookbible hard copy, dvd and Online resource...
  •  Flexibility so Chocolate, Red Wine & Coffee can be a part of your plan!
  •  Forget the unsatisfying rabbit food diets or bland, boring rubber chicken breast n boil rice approach
  •  What to eat guide: Tailored nutritional guidance to fast track your transformation
Online Coaching which includes...
  •  Weekly 1 on 1 accountability and coaching from an expert
  •  Hours of premium online training videos
  •   Full access to a private forum staffed by experts & like minded people. Ask any questions you want and interact with the friendly and supportive   #confidenceavalanchecommunity.
Sam - "Finally Free To Be Me"
Jess - Complete Life Turn-around
Your Training Plan 
The Imani Tribe training plan has been designed to help you get lean and feel great. Everything is laid out in minute detail with explanation of reps, sets, rest and tempo.

  •  Nutrition Guidance - The Imani Tribe nutrition plan shows you everything you need to know on how to create your own meal plans.
  •  Exclusive Exercise Videos - Get full exclusive access to a private video library, showing you step by step how to perform each training exercise. No more wasting your time with incorrect form.
  •  Healthy, Tasty Recipes Benefit from our cook bible and receive delicious recipes perfect for keeping you on track towards your goals. Everything is explained to make your meals fun and tasty, without compromising your targets.
  •  Body Tracking - Progress pictures and measurements every 12 weeks to allow us to monitor your progress & spot issues.
  •  Accountability - Weekly Check In & consults every 6 weeks to keep you accountable and progressing towards your goals.
Unlike a diet, our program is a complete process that constructs the correct environment for permanent change & removes the limiting factor that prevents success by giving you knowledge, systems, tools & skills - solutions for any situation, every single day.
This program is perfect for people who:
  •  Have been training for a while & not getting the results they desire
  •  Are sick and tired of yo-yo dieting
  •  Been through fitness programs with little to no results
  •  Start other programs or workouts with good intentions but always lose motivation & give up                on  their goals
  •  Want the confidence to be their authentic self
  •  Have a busy lifestyle & limited time they can allocate to training
  •  Want the outside of their body to match the way they feel on the inside
What People Just Like You Are Saying About Our Program
Does any of this sound familiar?
  •  Tried several meal plans or special "diets" that didn't seem to work at all
  •  Been to the gym consistently but can't seem to lose all your fat
  •  Been through fitness programs with little to no results
  •  May have got some results with a personal trainer or group classes, but the weight came straight back on when you stopped getting sessions
  •  Do you compare yourself to other people worse than you to make yourself feel better about your situation?
  •  Don't want to eat plain food and don't want to train excessively in order to achieve your fitness goals
  •  Feeling like everything you try isn't sustainable
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Sam - Amazing physical and lifestyle transformation
Nerisa - Was Unhappy and Felt Unworthy
 Is Online Training For Me?
If you need trusted and accountable advisors to cut through all the confusion and get you results fast, while teaching you skills so that you keep hold of your hard work for life - online training from Imani tribe could be for you.
 Get Results, Not Promises.
Our program contains diet advice and tips helping you build a sustainable meal plan for yourself over the long term.

Access to incrementally challenging, cutting edge training programs.

Specific advice for you based on each phase of your journey via our online portal and accountability from our secret Facebook support group.

Access to exclusive videos showing you how to perform each exercise in a safe and effective way. (You’d be surprised how many experienced fitness people waste time and effort not working out properly
Who This Is NOT For 
  •  Women & men who aren't willing to be HONEST & COACHABLE. 
  •  Women & men who would rather stay in their comfort zone, be average, and not get fit and  healthy.
  •  Women & men who don't value their health, fitness, body, confidence, and energy.
  •  Women & men who aren't willing to invest their time, effort, and money to getting results. 
  •  Time wasters. Only apply if you want a call to see how we can help. 
"Why every diet is doomed to fail no matter how nutritious it appears on paper" 

- Mel Cook, Imani Tribe Leader and Transformation Specialist

"Often in desperate attempts to get a solution to their nutritional problems, people look for a diet. They get a diet from a book, a magazine, a friend or even a dietitian. However 95% of diets fail out-right or people lapse back into their old ways within the first 12 months.


Because most diets fail to address “the golden triangle.” That is improve how we LOOK (body composition & shape), FUNCTION (how we perform everyday) & FEEL (health), all together.

Often they focus on just how you look but, of course without addressing the other two, any results are short lived.

Yes! Some might show you how to eat to enhance function or how you perform. Others address health.

However, most people really want to improve all three - Look, function & feel.

Nutrition is never about food but about what a person has grown up with, their beliefs, emotional connections, prior perceptions & experiences about what is “good”, “bad” or “unhealthy”, what is comfortable or normal.

Most people in a bid to loose weight cut calories & increase training.

So why do so many people never keep the results that they achieve? 

Isn’t cutting calories what you want to lose weight? Well, yes & no.

Yes! A slight drop in caloric intake in relation to caloric expenditure maybe required for weight loss, but a large decrease in caloric consumption is a recipe to disaster.

It can lead to decreased overall energy, increased frequency & intensity of cravings, & a host of hormonal fluctuations that leave you at a greater risk of abandoning your new eating habits.

In fact cutting calories drastically can actually result in greater weight gain instead of loss.

So eating less doesn’t equal weight loss & if you are replacing your old high calorie or fast food dinner with a healthier version, you may need to increase your portion sizes.

A great eating plan for success is not about simply avoiding bad foods & eating good foods, it’s about making sure the correct foods are consistently available at the right time because unless the right foods aren’t readily available at the right time, the best plan fails, despite all the best intentions.

A diet doesn’t teach & develop good habits, skills & strategies that ensure the correct foods are consistently available at the right time

In fact diet alone is only a small part of the problem. The real solution is creating a new normal. I.e To ensure success, the old normal must be systematically replaced with a new sense of what is normal. Creating a new normal that ensures the correct foods a are consistently available at the right time is the only way to creat a long lasting, positive change.

Unlike a diet our program is a holistic approach that creates a life changing process. Our program systematically develops the knowledge, skills & strategies that ensure the correct choices are made at the right time & the right foods are readily available at the right time. The best environment possible is systematically created to ensure success, while providing all the support you will ever need."
Ronnie and Mel - Your coaches
Who are we & why are we more than just a gym?

We help women & men who want more than just a good body.

And are sick & tired of fad diets & living a restricted life.

Not because of lack of intelligence or resources, but lack of self confidence (IMANI),

Reclaim & live their life to their full potential & improve the quality of their life.

By cutting through all the fad diets & gimmicks ‘BS’, getting rid of all the confusion & implementing our gimmick free scientifically proven complete process programs that constructs the correct environment for permanent change & removes the limiting factor that prevents success to get you results fast, while giving you knowledge, systems, tools & skills - solutions for any situation, every single day to ensure you keep your hard work for life

Whether your goal is to shed kilos of body fat, create a firm shapely body brimming with vitality or build strong muscles & rock-hard abs without unnecessary & unsustainable dieting & over exercising (Think twice a day or even everyday).
"When we don't feel like we belong, are loved or supported we don't function as we are meant to. We break. We fall apart. We numb. We ache. We hurt others. We give up. We hate the journey.

This is why we are very protective of the IMANI VIBE, & we understand that it’s not for everyone, therefore, we are very selective of our TRIBE & just don't let anyone in our community.

We create a welcoming environment that treats everyone with respect & makes sure everyone feels safe face-to-face & online despite their race, religion, culture, sexual orientations, gender or identity. "

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