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  • I am sick and tired of yo-yo dieting, restricting and depriving myself of my favourite foods.
  • ​I am sick and tired of hiding because I am ashamed and embarrassed of my body.
  • ​My lack of self worth and confidence is impacting my happiness and other areas of my life. (career, business, relationship or intimacy)
  • ​I am sick of working hard for little to no result.
  • ​I have been nailing my exercise and eating plan but still not getting the results I'm after.
  • ​I'm confused about how to lose weight and keep it off.
  • ​I want more energy and more confidence.
  • ​I would like to reclaim my health, vitality, confidence and freedom.
Discover The NEW State-of-the-art 6-week myPersonalised eCoaching program from Imani Tribe Transformations'  Diet Antidote Transformation System (DATS™️), designed to help you bridge the gap between diet and exercise, and long-term results. Customised for you to reach your personal goals, build healthy habits around mindset, discipline, nutrition and exercise that stick, and transform your life forever.

This innovative program condenses our state-of-the-art 12-month Diet Antidote Transformation System (DATS™️) program into 6 weeks of easy-to-
understand, digestible information that you can begin applying NOW, so you can have the body
you’ve always wanted.
One off easy payment of Only $97. Was $297 -Save $200 for a limited time. Don’t MISS YOUR CHANCE to change your life.
What is myPersonalised eCoaching? 
 myPersonalised eCoaching Program connects you to a personal virtual transformation coach through frequent,
interactive emails, personalised resources and work sheets.
myPersonalised eCoaching Body and Lifestyle Transformation Program is designed to help you bridge the gap between diet & exercise, & long term results. Customised for you to reach your personal goals, build healthy habits around mindset, discipline, nutrition and exercise that stick, and transform your life.
myPersonalised eCoaching uses a simple philosophy to encourage small, sustainable changes
through the convenience and accessibility of email, to help you reclaim your health, vitality,
confidence and freedom.
Unlike a diet, myPersonalised eCoaching Program is a complete process that constructs the correct
environment for permanent change by giving you knowledge, systems, tools and skills you need to
navigate any situation, on any given day.
In short, you’ll gain awareness of the things that have been preventing you from losing weight, and
will be given the specific action steps you need, in order to finally lose weight for good.
Well you can. You’re just one click away from having the body you want and the confidence you crave!

Who is it for?

Personalised eCoaching is for you if:
  •  You Want to lose weight and keep it off.
  • ​Struggle to lose weight
  • ​Have been unable to achieve results, despite eating well and exercising
  • ​Feel disappointed or ashamed by your body shape
  • ​Wants to feel comfortable and confident in your own skin
  • ​Ready to ditch the diets, food rules and restrictions, and conflicting advice.
  • ​Wants the life you've always dreamed of.
What Will You Learn? 

You’ll learn how to:

  •  Eat better, without dieting or feeling deprived
  • ​Become active, no matter what shape you're in now
  • ​Ditch the food rules, drop the fad diets and conflicting advice
  • ​Stop feeling guilty around food
  • ​Build fitness into your life, without it taking over
  • ​Achieve, and maintain, your goals, even when life gets busy
What results can you expect? 
  •  Lose the weight/fat you haven't been able to shed for years
  • ​ Build physical strength and confidence in your body
  • ​ Get mental confidence
  • ​  Learn how to deal with any situation, no matter what it is
  • ​  Discover how to set yourself up for weight loss success so you never have to ‘work hard at losing weight’ ever again
  • ​  Learn how to stop hiding your gifts and talents
  • ​  Get clarity about how to eat for weight loss 
  • ​  Get off the diet roller coaster once and for all
  • ​  Get in the best shape of your life, for the rest of your life!

How does it work?
As soon as you sign-up you’ll be emailed the first lesson/ module straight away! 

A few days later, after you’ve had time to digest the first lesson, you’ll receive another email outlining the specific action steps you need to take, that relate to that lesson. These may include specific worksheets or tasks designed to help you understand and practice the very thing you’re working on. Each week, you’ll be sent a new lesson/module to focus on, followed by a new set of thought provoking action steps. 

If you fall behind, there’s no need to panic if you fall behind. Once you sign up for Personalised eCoaching, you’ll have lifetime access, which means you can complete the program at your own pace — or dip back into lessons and modules as you need to.

The key to losing weight and keeping it off is to change your habits. But without knowing what they are, how can you change them?

Our course is designed to increase your awareness of the things that are preventing you from losing weight — and your eCoach will be checking in regularly with you, to keep you on track.

How much time do I need?

myPersonal eCoaching Program runs over 6 weeks. But you can complete the course at your own pace. If you miss a week, no problems! The course will still be delivered to you, but you can pick up where you left off.

You will need only a few minutes a day for reading, and 20-30 minutes, twice a week to complete your action steps.

What Will I Get?

myPersonalised eCoaching provides a similar transformation plan to the one used with the Imani Tribe Transformation face-to-face and online members. But you don't have to visit a studio. You can do it from the comfort and privacy of your home. It's like having a virtual body and lifestyle transformation expert/ Mel and Ronnie in your pockets for life.

Mel and Ronnie, founders of the Imani Tribe Transformations and the Creators of the Diet Antidote Transformation System (DATS™️) are your program eCoaches, and will guide you through with regular step-by-step emails to help you transform. These will include:
  • Weekly lessons/modules to guide your learning 
  • ​ Specific weekly action tasks designed to help you understand the learning
  •   Daily strategies with step-by-step instructions that will help you more effectively respond to life’s stressors
  •  Consistent interactive email prompts to keep you on track
  • ​ Downloadable, thought-provoking PDF worksheets and activities
  • ​  Personalised advice and guidance towards your goals, through the worksheets
  • ​  Coaching on exercise 
  • ​  Coaching around nutrition
  • ​  Ongoing motivation and encouragement
  • ​  Ongoing support while you learn and action your tasks
  • ​  Online accountability
  • ​  Self-paced learning in the privacy of your own home
  • ​  12 months’ worth of content compressed into 6 weeks
  • ​  15+ hours of structured mindset education
  • ​  Access to delicious, fat-burning recipes
  • ​  Life-time access to the course, so you can dip in and out of it when you need to
  • ​ A private online community exclusively for course participants, where you can connect with each other and get additional support from the Imani tribe team
  • ​  Special bonus offers on all our future services


The opportunity to speak with us one-on-one at the completion of your course.

Why you need to grab myPersonalised eCoaching program right now

Because many people who struggle to lose weight exercise regularly and eat well. Even those who go to the gym regularly year in and year out, struggle to change their body shape.

While exercise and nutrition is important, these things alone don’t address the reasons you became overweight in the first place — your habits. That’s why, even with the best exercise and eating plan in the world, you won’t lose weight and keep it off.

Ignoring your habits, even if you’re exercising and eating well is a recipe for disaster. It’s a bit like continuing to fill your car with top quality fuel even though you know it has a faulty. Yes, you may be able to drive it, but how much damage will you do along the way? And will ignoring the faulty engine contribute to a crash down the track?

Focusing only on diet and exercise not only compromises your metabolism, making it harder for you to lose weight, but it also compromises your emotional and mental health. Which means you’ll be in a worse state than you were when you first started focusing on your diet and exercise, and you’ll find it increasingly more difficult to lose weight with every attempt.

myPersonalised eCoaching program will be sold for $297 in the future....but you can get it now for one off easy payment of just $97

Plus you get 12 months’ worth of value condensed into 6 weeks.

What are you waiting for?!

Final Note from the creators.

Hey, we are Mel & Ronnie, founders of the Imani Tribe Transformations and the Creators of the Diet Antidote Transformation system (DATS™️), the Not-Diet Diet for People Who Are Sick of quick fixes and Diets. A complete Transformation system designed to help you ditch the diets that take over your life, and lose weight forever so you can improve the quality of your life by reclaiming your health, vitality, confidence and freedom.

We’re going to show you the only way to achieve long-term weight loss success in 6 weeks. But we do need you to be patient and keep an open mind. What we are going to share will probably go against everything the diet industry has taught you about weight loss and so it’s important not to overwhelm you.

We know that if you’ve been on several diets you probably want to have all of the information at once. But this will be overwhelming and will defeat the purpose of this Program.

myPersonalised eCoaching Program is designed and structured to deliver lessons, tasks and action steps in a progressive, strategic and sustainable way so that you get enough time to process, reflect on and implement the action steps, without being overwhelmed.

But you will need to be patient and coachable. One step will lead to another. If you want this program to work for you, you need to trust the process. You can't rush it or even pick and choose, because if you do, it won't work for you.

We guarantee though, that if you follow the steps outlined in this course, trust the process and keep an open mind, you'll find all the answers you've been looking for. You don't have to be perfect. You just have to do your best.
Love Mel & Ronnie Xx

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